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The search has mostly been for either a Maltese or a Yorkie. At the moment we are looking at Yorkies again. The girls are young but eager to be careful, responsible and gentle. They have spent time handling a friend’s Maltese and did well with my five pound Yorkie Halle.

Their search has encompassed reading, researching on the Web, talking with dog owners and friends, and discussing the breeds and the care and the commitment needed to have a dog.

In the last week I have looked over the websites of various brokers, pet stores and private breeder networks that Tatiana has sent me. I hated to disappoint her and the girls, but had to dissuade them from purchasing from any of those avenues.

After getting all kinds of great feedback on the puppy search from DLD members and passing it on to Tatiana, I looked up the local AKC member clubs in Florida for both Malts and Yorkies, gave her the links and contacted some breeders to see if they had any hearty (older) puppies available for adoption.

One of the women I contacted, Peggy Horner, shows and breeds beautiful Yorkies in Michigan. I just remembered that she winters in Florida, so I called and emailed her on the girls’ behalf. I was interested in purchasing a puppy from her before I found Halle, though I still love to look at the picture of the puppy I had my sights on, who ended up with a doting retired couple:

The Northern Lites pup that got away

The Northern Lites pup that got away

You can see her “Show” case of Yorkies on the Northern Lites site. The site has a lot of useful information about the breed, the standard, health issues and other information one would need when thinking of purchasing a Yorkie. As expected of a reputable breeder, Northern Lites can provide excellent references.

Peg sent me a links to two videos tonight of a Missouri puppy mill rescue done by the Humane Society. They’re pretty bad, but important to see if you’ve ever wondered what a puppy mill is like. She was very upset by these videos for good reason! I’m posting one of them below:

The Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force rescues more than 90 Yorkshire Terriers from a substandard puppy mill in Greene County: