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Here is one of the last pictures Bonnie sent of the super-cute, sporty, fun, comical Mac, who loved life as much as any little dog could.

This dog could make us laugh. We love you Mac!

This dog could make us laugh. We love you Mac!

In the last day or two he was not able to urinate and was in discomfort. Bonnie took him to the vet several times. He had a culture done to check for a UTI. The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics as well as steroids, but he did not seem to improve much.

The next day (today) she took him in for an ultrasound which showed a mass that could have been the cause of the blockage, but also could have been a tumor. I know that they had to keep him at the vet’s, which Bonnie wasn’t happy about, but they told her he would be more comfortable. Before further medical intervention could be made, Mac crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

It is a shock to the system to lose a loved one unexpectedly. I feel so sad myself, but when I think of him bathing in the birdbath and taking in the Florida sun, the corners of my mouth lift up a little.

I am very sad for Bonnie. She is a fun-loving, compassionate person who was Mac’s adoring mom. They had a great thing together and I know that with time the grief will be replaced by a plethora of wonderful memories.

Bonnie says she has tons of pictures of Mac, so when she’s ready I will be ready too to give him the fabulous photo-send-off he deserves.

Bonnie – I’m thinking of you and your family now and sending my condolences. I didn’t get a chance to check all my facts about the last days, but will make corrections as needed.