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A friend sent me this video to cheer me up. It did the job. Who knew baby pigs were so cute, would be so attached to humans and could swim! Thanks for sending the link Dawn!

Without clicking on it, scroll over the link below. Then click “Play” in the pop-up window that appears.

Kingsford Goes to the Beach – video powered by Metacafe

If you simply click on the link, it will take you to Metacafe’s web page with the same video on it.

I had a friend who had two pot bellied pigs, but I only met them after they were large adult pigs and they were not as friendly as this little guy.


You can always see it in the “VIDEO” subsection of this blog under PAGES.

Margy posted the link (on DLD) to this amazing true story of a crow who cares for a stray kitten and becomes it’s surrogate mother and best friend. It’s a bit long at seven-plus minutes, but worth seeing, especially the play scenes and the side-by-side walks.