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T, If you are reading this blog, Happy Birthday, again.

Anyone who sees this post, take a good look at the photo below because my sister might make me pull it off the site. She’s camera shy and very private, though if you know her, you know she’s neither shy nor private about her opinions. LOL.

So I guess I won’t say how old she is. Even though she thinks I’m a “crazy dog lady”,  I know she has a rapport with dogs. This photo should be proof enough. It was from a couple years ago. I couldn’t find a recent photo to use. The Min Pin’s are especially attached to her.

Willie thinks my sister is a big brown Min Pin

Willie thinks my sister is a big brown Min Pin

In case you were wondering,  she woke up from a nap to find Willie still asleep, hugging her neck and smiling.


Pictures say it all sometimes.

Just wanted to share two sets of photos today:

    1) I know a lot of dogs do this, but here is a photo of Bumper, my parents’ black Min Pin, on my sister’s lap in Ann Arbor, and right below it, a photo of Willie, my chocolate Min Pin on my husband’s lap yesterday in Colorado.

    Bumper the Black and Rust Min Pin in Michigan

    Bumper the Black & Rust Min Pin in Michigan

    Willie the chocolate Min Pin in Colorado

    Willie the chocolate Min Pin in Colorado

    2) My latest grooming creation as performed on Halle. I used Bumble & Bumble’s “Sumotech”  hair wax to get the bangs to stand up. Voila!

    My grooming hobby personified

    My grooming hobby personified

    I’m going to indulge myself in putting up another photo of my handiwork. I truly enjoy cutting my dogs’ hair, but it is a time hog because I do it for leisure and have absolutely no sense of urgency ;-)

    Halle stays perfectly still for grooming

    Halle stays perfectly still for grooming

    That’s a gooood giiirrrrlll.

Since I’ve been home I’ve taken time out to hang out with Ron and our three dogs. Tomorrow it’s back to work for both of us and that’s a good thing.

In the past two days I’ve had a chance to indulge myself in one of my favorite activities: grooming!

I take a long time cutting dog hair, sometimes hours spread out over days to perfect the cuts, trims, sculpting, cleaning, and pawdicures.

I told Ron I was becoming a pro as I inspected my handiwork and was obviously pleased with myself. He smiled and said I probably wouldn’t make any money on it because I took so long. So I said I was an amateur groomer. He said I was more like a “hobbiest”. We both laughed. It’s so much fun for me I don’t even care if I only ever have “hobbiest” status.

It took a lot longer than planned, but I’m finally home.

I want to thank my friends at DLD for their support – I didn’t feel alone for a minute. I also want to thank my sister for talking with me on the road when I was tired, googling clean and cheap motels as I prepared to stop, and generally making the trip by phone with me. She was the one sister that was out of state when my parents were hospitalized, but made immediate plans to take time off work to fly back to Ann Arbor. Her stay was planned to overlap with my departure, which made the transition for both me and my parents much less traumatic.

Marie – thank you for keeping track of me. One can’t have enough mom-like people in one’s life!

Halle and I have been on the road for something like thirteen hours today. We stopped several times for gas, meals and bathroom breaks. She’s a great little traveler now.

When I first adopted her, she would throw up every time she went for a ride. Then after a while she stopped getting sick but would crawl under the car seats until the car stopped. Now she travels like a champ in her own car seat “above ground”.

I think I was more worn out by Nebraska than she was. Actually, we’re still in Nebraska, but close to the Eastern border. Nebraska seems to go on forever, but this was one trip through it without construction, giant tumbleweeds, windstorms, rainstorms, tornadoes or lack of lodging with vacancies. Nebraska was kind to us today and I am grateful.

After a late start, more stops and starts, missing a major exit and having to pull over to catch a nap, we’ve made it to the border of Iowa.

Leaving was hard. I tried to say my goodbyes to my parents inside the house, then run outside into my car and drive away before they could come out to the driveway. I wasn’t fast enough. They came out and stood by the passenger side of the car. Their eyes looked as big as  saucers. I waved and yelled, “Goodbye”, mustering the best smile I could, then pulled out of the drive, not looking back.

Now Halle and I are in a motel. She’s sleeping and I’m tired. Tomorrow will be a very long driving day

I postponed my departure in January to wait for Daisy, then we had the family health crisis, I am now finally wrapping up my stay in Michigan.

My husband more or less called to say he didn’t think I was coming back because I’ve been gone since September and my return date kept getting pushed forward.

I was grief-stricken to find that he was going to give up on us. I am now packing everything up to drive back to Colorado on Thursday, at least that’s the plan. I have a friend going with me who might need another day or two, but as long as I’m back by Monday night, things should be ok.

Here’s a photo taken of us about five years ago when I wasn’t out of town so much. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’m so sorry.

We were together and happy once

We were together and happy once

I wish my family were closer or that my husband’s job and lifestyle weren’t so geographically dependent, but these are just wishes. The reality is that 1200 miles exist between the two spheres of my life and I’m the only one in a position to be a vagabond. The things most important to me have to fit in a suitcase or if I’m driving, my car.

There is a sense of freedom, but it’s also hard to be a part of either community. It’s not easy or ideal to be a floater leading a double life, even if it’s legitimate.

So much coming and going, saying goodbye and hello and goodbye again. For someone who yearns for stability and grounding, I certainly uproot and replant myself a lot.

Even if I carry a lot of “flower food” with me and make sure I get enough water and sun, it doesn’t lessen the repercussions of being absent.