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I have been the recipient of much help and generosity in my times of need. No one can do it (life) on their own. The only thing I was ever asked to do in return, was to offer help to others in their time of need when I was able to do so.

Did I say I liked small dogs? Love ’em. Dogs have given so much to me, I’m a grateful human and want to give back to them.

MICROVASCULAR DYSPLASIA (MVD) – There are medical descriptions online. I am going to describe it here simply:

Normally blood going to the liver from other organs arrives in veins that branch into smaller and smaller vessels to reach the liver cells. MVD is the condition when these microscopic vessels are abnormal, resulting in a liver that cannot properly process toxins or make the proteins needed for healthy functioning and growth.

The symptoms of MVD can include aggression, poor appetite, glassy eyes, poor stools, constipation, lethargy, and seizures.

If the condition is not managed properly, the symptoms can increase in frequency and degree. Escalation of the condition may result in a very poor quality of life for the dog, trigger worse liver disease, and cause a shortened life span.

DOG LIVER DISEASE (DLD) GROUP – a Yahoo group that offers a support network and advice for liver disease conditions in dogs.

The moderators have personal and practical experience with managing severe liver disease symptoms, such as liver shunts both before and after surgery, as well as symptoms of conditions like MVD. This group is unique and known for it’s successful management of and specific expertise in dog liver disease.

DLD’s support and advice have been invaluable to the dogs and the people they own by helping to improve the dog’s quality of life as well as the their life span. With proper diet and nutrition, supplements and prescription medications much can be done to control the symptoms of liver disease. To find out more about this group, go to

THE FUTURE – is not known, isn’t that the truth!

My Mom is 100% Chinese, who was educated in Switzerland and arrived in the US with my dad when he came to this country by invitation to teach at Syracuse University in the late 1960’s.

She never fully mastered the english language, but her communication skills make up for it. She used to sing: “Que sera sera whatever were be were be. The future is not to see. Que sera sera.” I sing her version because it has an element of humor in it.

What ever happens, will be what happens. We can hope for the best, or what we think is the best, and we can lay out all our plans with the best of intentions…


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