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Hi – I’m Ming. I’ve loved animals as long as I can remember.

When I was seven, my mom used to say, “You like animals so much, maybe you should be a farmer’s wife when you grow up.”

I always said in response, “No, Mom, I’m not going to be a farmer’s wife, I’m going to be the farmer!”

Well, I grew up and I am neither a farmer’s wife nor a farmer, but I love animals more than ever, especially small dogs.

For most of my life I’ve been a professional geek. “Technology consultant” probably sounds more professional, but doesn’t tell the whole story. A geek is usually a person who loves technology and is proud of being nerdy. A professional geek is a geek that gets paid for her work.


It’s a longer story that I might elaborate on later, but for now suffice it to say that it was a blog I originally created for a group of women I took a solar installation class with in the summer (2008).  It was during this class that a chain of tragic and traumatizing events occurred specifically involving dogs, which eventually led me to one rescue, than a humanitarian vet who gave me a better option for my sick Yorkie-Maltese, Russell, then later to Retro Doggy Rescue from where I found and adopted my Halle. What a blessing in disguise those events were, and what an awful disguise!

I probably should have just created a whole new blog, but I think subconsciously I felt it was fitting (though only known to me) that this blog should carry on the old name.


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