1) More soul searching

2) More thought or desire for having meaning in one’s life and actions

3) More frugality, reducing, reusing and recycling

4) Enjoying the “free” intangibles more: sunsets, friends, nature, walks, relationships

5) More creativity

6) More self-reliance and DIY (Doing it Yourself)

7) More gratitude for what one has

8) More empathy and compassion for fellow struggling humans

9) De-emphasis on material things

10) Discovering who your real friends are

11) De-emphasis on “financial net-worth” of a person

12) De-emphasis on status, prestige and luxury

13) More interest in energy conservation and renewable energy

14) More saving when possible

15) More paying down debt when possible

16) More use of debit cards and cash instead of cash when possible

17) More humility, less arrogance, fewer attitudes of “entitlement”

18) More depth of meaning and less superficiality

Things are pretty bad, but I’ve always found the worst times are the best times for personal growth. Our entire country probably collectively needed a real spanking anyway.

I believe that Americans will emerge more evolved from all that is going on. In some ways I do hope that things get worse in order to provide deep and wide impetus for moving our collective consciousness to the next level. Adversity is an amazing wake-up call, especially if it is systemic and pervasive.

Please feel free to share your “silver linings” in the comments!