I postponed my departure in January to wait for Daisy, then we had the family health crisis, I am now finally wrapping up my stay in Michigan.

My husband more or less called to say he didn’t think I was coming back because I’ve been gone since September and my return date kept getting pushed forward.

I was grief-stricken to find that he was going to give up on us. I am now packing everything up to drive back to Colorado on Thursday, at least that’s the plan. I have a friend going with me who might need another day or two, but as long as I’m back by Monday night, things should be ok.

Here’s a photo taken of us about five years ago when I wasn’t out of town so much. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’m so sorry.

We were together and happy once

We were together and happy once

I wish my family were closer or that my husband’s job and lifestyle weren’t so geographically dependent, but these are just wishes. The reality is that 1200 miles exist between the two spheres of my life and I’m the only one in a position to be a vagabond. The things most important to me have to fit in a suitcase or if I’m driving, my car.

There is a sense of freedom, but it’s also hard to be a part of either community. It’s not easy or ideal to be a floater leading a double life, even if it’s legitimate.

So much coming and going, saying goodbye and hello and goodbye again. For someone who yearns for stability and grounding, I certainly uproot and replant myself a lot.

Even if I carry a lot of “flower food” with me and make sure I get enough water and sun, it doesn’t lessen the repercussions of being absent.