If you scroll down a bit you can see the two other posts on TJ. He had a growth on the top of his paw that was just surgically removed and is now home wearing the dreaded cone and recovering.

Here’s the email Nicole just sent me:

    Hi Ming…We got home last night.  He [just] had surgery 4 hours before, so he was so tired, as I was too –  we fell asleep on the couch. He was restless at first, as his paws hurt and couldn’t get comfortable, so I cradled him like a baby, so he didn’t have to put pressure on his paw, he was out like a light within minutes of his new position….

    The Dr. said the biopsy results will be in within 4 to 5 days. He’s being positive, and doesn’t think it is a mass cell tumor at this point, but we still have to wait to find out!

    [TJ’s] stitches come out in 10-14 days.  Yes, his paw hair should grow back.  He is on Baytril again, but no pain meds.  He seems to be doing ok today, although he wants to lick his paw.  I have the cone on him.  But in a couple of days, I will wrap it with gauze.  The Dr. said I can put a carter baby sock on him, so I may try that as well.


Tucked in and watching from the window, his favorite spot

Tucked in and watching from the window, his favorite spot