Nicole, a DLD member has requested prayers and good thoughts for her little Yorkie, TJ, who will be having a growth on his paw removed on Friday, after which it will be sent to pathology.

Here’s the four year old, seven pound yorkie-boy “TJ”:

I'm ridiculously cute and I know it

I'm ridiculously cute and I know it

Nicole reports that the  growth has been on the top of TJ’s paw for about a month.  It is the size of a black bean and is skin color. They treated it for two weeks with Baytril and an antihistamine in case it was a lick granuloma. But it has been about a month now and the growth appears to have grown a bit. The Vet doesn’t know what it is, but he, Nicole and her husband are all uncomfortable with it, so he will remove it in its entirety and send it to pathology.

Nicole is petrified about the surgery because of the chance that it may be a mass cell tumor. Althouth she is trying to stay positive, she has appealed for help:

    Please keep my baby TJ in your thoughts and prayers. [..] I am trying to remain positive, but inside I am SCARED to death!I too am hoping this turns out to be ‘nothing’ but the stress of it possibly being a mass cell tumor is freaking me out.

    He is my baby boy and I am his mamma…

    THANK YOU! Nicole