Well, my dad is doing fine now, but the nurses have been checking my mom’s blood pressure in the last three days and it has been consistently over the ER admittance for high blood pressure. At 192/122, the nurse said she needs to go to ER. We are expecting that they will just do the protocol, give her the appropriate meds, and keep her overnight.

I went to get my dad’s stuff while they were checking him out of the hospital and about to wheel Mom down to the ER.

Physical bodies just start to give out after a while. One of our friends has had both knees, both hips and a shoulder replaced in addition to serious asthma. He’s in his 80’s. Others we’ve known have made it over 100 with just weak knees.

I’m going to stay a little longer in Michigan to make sure they are settled before I go back to Colorado, but hopefully it’ll just be another week.