My dad turned 70 last year. He had quad bypass surgery in 2002. The doctors told him around year eight things may start to happen. 2008 was year eight. He’s been stressing since his birthday last November. Of course stress exacerbates or can even trigger a heart condition, so that didn’t help.

He officially had a heart attack yesterday, but they caught it about eight hours before what would have been a massive heart attack. Two stents were put in his artery. He will stay in the hospital until Wednesday. Phew. That was stressful.

He’s recovering and in good spirits today. Not as scary as when I saw him in the Intensive Care unit right after the bypass surgery. He was blue, green and purple and didn’t even look alive. It was very upsetting and the recovery was slow for him.

Unfortunately he was one of the few bypass patients who did not feel better after the surgery and whose symptoms were not markedly reduced. He continued to suffer from shortness of breath, heart pounding in chest, and chest pains.