Ok – I finally have a moment to post a photo of the water-loving Havanese, “Mac”. He’s vacationing in Florida with his people-parents, who took him boating.

Mom, Dad, this is THE BEST!


It’s amazing to see how much Mac enjoys life, even when his symptoms are troubling, like the head tremors he has been experiencing on and off for the last several weeks. Every time I see a photo of Mac living life to the fullest in spite of his health issues, I know that I want to be more like him.

Bonnie says that until recently, the longest head tremor lasted about two minutes (about a week and a half ago). She describes them as a “light head movement, back and forth, back and forth.”

Then after a several tremor-free days, he had a longer lasting episode on Wednesday, January 21. Bonnie said it happened “on and off” (9-10 seconds on, 4-5 seconds off) for about four minutes. I know she’s frustrated because she has tirelessly explored the causes with numerous vets, hospitals, testing, and spent as much time managing his various chronic health issues with special diets, supplements, medication and care.

He recently saw a Holistic Vet and I think he’s getting acupuncture. Bonnie may also be taking him to a neurologist. She’s been an active presence on the Dog Liver Disease (DLD) Yahoo Group, so I know the great care he is getting from Mom.

Like other dogs with chronic health issues and special needs, the best care and vigilance cannot provide a cure or even a symptom-free life, but it can greatly improve the dog’s quality of life and often extends his lifespan many times over.

Mac is living proof of a well-managed special needs dog who continues to live and love with enthusiasm.

(Mac the water and fun-loving Havanese, diagnosed Sept 2007 with MVD, Microvascular Dysplasia, and Severe Fibrosis. Born 12-16-05)