Hepatic Encephalopathy, or “HE” is most simply described as brain disorders due to liver disease. I posted more info on HE a couple posts down.

HE symptoms can include shaking after a meal, aggression, glassy eyes and lethargy. The reason such neurological symptoms are expressed by dogs with liver disease is because damaged livers cannot efficiently clear the blood of toxins or proteins. When toxins remaining in the bloodstream travel to the brain, they cause the neurological symptoms.

A restricted low protein diet reduces the amount of protein in the blood and thus reduces the load on the liver. If the damaged liver can handle the reduced load, then the blood can stay relatively toxin free so that HE symptoms will be less likely to develop. Efforts to manage the liver disease condition and symptoms can make all the difference in a dog’s quality of life as well as his or her lifespan, but even the best efforts will not provide a cure or a symptom-free life.

Understandably, dogs on such restricted diets are often hungry. Some people supplement their dogs’ meals with natural pumpkin, which is low in protein and may help the dog feel more full. White potato soaked in water to remove potassium and phosphates, then boiled in new water and cooled was another recommended food by members of the Dog Liver Disease (DLD)** group.

[Update 5/30/14]: Now called the DLSD (Dog Liver Shunt and Disease) group. Yahoo group URL is now: