This is a Memorial Post for Miss Minnow, the little Yorkie with a big heart, both metaphorically and literally.

Miss Minnow

Miss Minnow 1995-2008

Miss Minnow passed away at the vet’s some time over the night (last night or early this morning).

Bev Teeter, Miss Minnow’s mom, is a foster mom with Retro Doggy Rescue from whom I received my Halle. She is a remarkable lady who gives her heart and soul to both dogs and people, though she has endured much adversity and health crises in her own life. Here is a photo of Bev with (starting at left) Miss Minnow, the Shad Man, and Mr. Walker. Only Tiki is missing as she just adopted him near the end of 2008.

Bev and the Gang of Three

Bev and the Gang of Three

Bev is a retired RN, and aside from fostering dogs (and often the ones with special needs), she does hospice work, makes dog clothing, beds, belly bands, etc., and is a certified Dog Whisperer trainer, though I think what Bev brings herself to the training is equally if not more valuable. Her services are under Lucky Dog Training, which is North of Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

She has fostered and cared for well over 100 dogs in need. I have been to her home when she had a full house of Yorkies, Silkies and her Shad Man (I can’t remember what mix he is, but I would never forget that dog with a personality the size of Texas!).

I only very minimally edited the announcement she emailed today. I decided to provide the full text instead of excerpting it. Every word is meaningful and contributes to the story of a compassionate and nurturing dog – all three pounds of her!

Here is Bev’s announcement of Miss Minnow’s passing, which was simply entitled “Sad News”:

    “This is very difficult, so please [bear with me]. Yesterday I took Miss Minnow and Mr Walker to have dentals. Miss Minnow had a loose canine for which I had previously taken her to the vet. He and I had discussed the possibilities and the risks of the surgery due to her enlarged heart, how teeth are truly related to the heart, and what would happen if we didn’t have it done, and if we did. I decided to have it done.

    The surgery was difficult and she had some bleeding issues, so she stayed the night at the vet’s. He lives close to the office and when he went to check on her at 10:00 pm last night, she was sleeping.

    This morning at 6:00 am, when he got to the office, she had died.

    I worked for hospice long enough to realize she picked this time to go, when she was alone, as she knew how very very difficult it would be on me if she had done it here.

    When I had a stroke, she was the one (at 8-weeks old) who helped me to walk again, talk again, and get myself motivated to understand that a chapter in my life had closed. I had lost so much of my memory that I could no longer be an RN, at least that is how I felt.  I had been a supervisor and never wanted my [memory deficiencies] to be the cause of a death.

    Miss Minnow taught me so may things about myself, about the fact that life does go on, and that we need to be strong and continue.

    She always helped me with my foster [fur] babies, and helped them to love and trust humans. She was a very smart dog who understood everything I said and comforted me when I was down.

    She was my very best friend and my only friend for many years. She lived a good 13 years and I will miss her so very very much.

    If you do not see me online for a couple of days, know that I am grieving. I told my vet to have her cremated and I will pick up the ashes when they are ready.

    My little girl, my best friend, has gone to God. Someday we will be together again.”

    -Bev Teeter, Miss Minnow now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, Shad Man, Mr. Walker, and Tiki