I am so glad that Laura, Snoop’s mom, decided to allow me to post a memorial for him. The DLD Group members’ responses to his quickly escalating symptoms and his following passing were overwhelming.

I was haunted by the events which seemed to happen so quickly. I hope this post may offer some closure for DLD members and anyone else who may have been wondering about Laura and Snoop, especially since she was only an active member for a few weeks.

Laura provided this photo of her sweet little guy who so loved to give kisses:

Snoop Vickers  2005-2008

Snoop Vickers 2005-2008

“My little Snoop was a wonderful dog. 100 pounds of heart in a 4-pound body. When we came home, even if we had only gone outside for a few minutes, he had to give us pup kisses. But if we were leaving and asked for a kiss, he would turn his head aside. He didn’t want anyone to leave. Snoop was happy when everyone was home,  safe and happy,  with him.”

More about Laura and Snoop

As a new member, Laura Vickers introduced herself and her three year old Yorkie Snoop on the DLD group on December 15, 2008. She states that he was diagnosed with liver disease when he was two, but had almost no symptoms until recently.:”he was virtually symptom free up until a couple of months ago. Now [he is rubbing his head and lethargic]. Sometimes he “wanders”.

Like many of the dogs on the Dog Liver Disease group, he was afflicted with liver disease that was most likely a result of improper breeding.

Fifteen days later, on 12/30/08, Laura’s post on DLD entitled “Snoop is very sick”,  tells of his serious downturn:

“Please pray for Snoop. He had been doing [well] on medical maintenance but took a turn for the worse several weeks ago. Then he hurt his foot and it got infected. We thought he was fatigued due to that [injury] but then yesterday he started wandering and pawing at his head and drooling. By the time we got him to the vet he was 94 degrees and almost unconscious. I pray he makes it through the night.”

I remember reading that post and feeling the bottom of my stomach drop out, especially since Snoop was such a young dog. Note that the regular body temperature for dogs is 102 degrees.

We found out the next day that Snoop had died that night. I felt a hole open in my heart as soon as I saw the devastating title of the post: “My baby died last night”. I provide a minimally edited version of that post here:

“Snoop Vickers died at 10:00 pm last night. In his short life he brought us such joy.

It’s truly amazing how much a part of our life he was. Everyday we came home, he would be sitting in the window looking for us. For a while he wouldn’t even think about going out for a bathroom break without first giving us pup kisses. Every step I took he was be by my side. The little tinkle his collar made, the little click click his toenails made – such a presence.

I love him so much and words can’t express how I will miss him. I am ashamed to harbor the anger I have against the woman who bred him. Sweet little Snoop – he never had a day of anger – he was all sweetness and loving and could teach us all a lesson. Thank God he suffers no more.” – Laura Vickers