DISCLAIMER: The photo below has not been doctored, altered or tampered with in any way. This is Jack, “Mr. Wall Street” enjoying Florida before his trip to the Upper Penninsula in Michigan.

Jack says "If you have money, Buy Now!

Jack says "Obviously if you have money, BUY NOW!

He is Bonnie’s friend’s dog. Bonnie is the one responsible for donating the flight to Michigan for Daisy. She is a member of the Dog Liver Disease (DLD) support group and is the mom of Mac, the water loving Havanese with MVD (Microvasuclar Dyplaysia in the liver) and Moderate-Severe Fibrosis. See the other photo of Mac in the Guest Doggies link on the right.

Bonnie let us know that Jack always ” acts as though he should have a shirt and tie on,” which earned him the title of “the Wall Street type”. It was just recently that she found the collar and tie combo at a pet store and couldn’t resist getting it for him.

Jack has a big and important look but only weighs about 6 lbs.  Bonnie’s girlfriend’s daughter got him 5 years ago. He was the runt of the litter and very sick, so the breeder told her she shouldn’t take him.  Needless to say Lindsey (1st year in college) took him anyway. He was actually in a bird cage when she first saw him. It broke her heart.

With her care and appropriate medication, he turned out perfectly!

Update on Mac:

Here’s a photo that makes me smile every time I see it. Funny and yet totally fabulous!

Now THIS is the life!

Now THIS is the life!

Bonnie let us know that the recent drive from Michigan to Florida was hard on Mac. He was off schedule, dehydrated and not himself for the first week, [..] then he went tearing out of the house, missing a step, and did a face plant on the patio, resulting in a skinned nose and a hurt leg. Thankfully he seems to be recuperating nicely.