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IMPT Update: Link to Dog Liver Shunt and Disease (DLSD) support group

Better late than never
The former DLD (Dog Liver Disease) support group I have referred to in many of my previous posts changed its name to Dog Liver Shunt and Disease (DLSD).

The new web address is:

It is still a Yahoo support group addressing the needs and care for dogs with liver disease. I have a lot to say about the benefits of joining this group if you are looking for a community of people who all have dogs with liver disease and share a wealth of information and knowledge on relevant topics ranging from testing to nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, prescription dog food options, meds, surgery, etc.


(New blog, but still some new content here) No…still here

I used “strike-out” to show what no longer applies, which is the “new” blog no longer exists.

This blog is the original one and lives on…

New POSTS are all on my new dog blog:  (Ming’s Dog Blog).

However, I have kept comments open on this blog. New comments and replies to pre-existing posts [will] continue to be posted [here], especially in regards to the Bile Acid Test post, which has a good and easy to understand explanation of the Bile Acid Test. This popular post called Demystifying the Bile Acid Test Using Shaili’s Results can be seen here:

(This blog has moved!) Update 5/30/14 : Still here actually

I may reinstate “mingsdogblog” later, however the bulk of the dog liver disease related posts I made are on this blog.

I lost the domain and haven’t had time to keep blogging, however I will continue to respond to comments and questions regarding dog health issues. Good thing I still have this wordpress blog.

Original post below, with comment from today in parentheses:

    To see posts after 3/15/09, please go to:

Aspen Log Dog Beds – made in Colorado

This is the first sample of the dog bed I asked my girlfriend to make. She sent me the pix and I must say the bed looks even more beautiful than I imagined.

The dimensions of the frame was made to fit a standard pillow. I recommend a gusseted one. The beautiful thing about this bed is that you can use a regular sham of your choice on a standard pillow.

It’s a bed that will last for generations. The Aspen is hand gathered from fallen trees in Colorado and each bed is a unique woodwork creation by  Elizabeth Battaglia, a furniture and jewelry designer with an eye for nature and beauty. See her site at

Standard pillow case sized bed

Standard pillow case sized bed

Winsworth & Nemo on the "standard" bed

Winsworth & Nemo on the “standard” bed

The sizes of frames will include:

#1)  Small Breed bed takes a Standard pillow: 20″ x 26″ ($275 for frame, $25 custom cover)

#2) Small-Medium Breed bed takes a European Square pillow: 26″ x 26″

#3) Small Breed 2-Dog Bed takes a Queen Pillow: 20″ x 30″

#4) Small Breed 3-Dog Bed based on King Pillow: 20″ x 36″

Video: Kingsford Goes to the Beach

A friend sent me this video to cheer me up. It did the job. Who knew baby pigs were so cute, would be so attached to humans and could swim! Thanks for sending the link Dawn!

Without clicking on it, scroll over the link below. Then click “Play” in the pop-up window that appears.

Kingsford Goes to the Beach – video powered by Metacafe

If you simply click on the link, it will take you to Metacafe’s web page with the same video on it.

I had a friend who had two pot bellied pigs, but I only met them after they were large adult pigs and they were not as friendly as this little guy.

My Sister’s Birthday 3/11/09

T, If you are reading this blog, Happy Birthday, again.

Anyone who sees this post, take a good look at the photo below because my sister might make me pull it off the site. She’s camera shy and very private, though if you know her, you know she’s neither shy nor private about her opinions. LOL.

So I guess I won’t say how old she is. Even though she thinks I’m a “crazy dog lady”,  I know she has a rapport with dogs. This photo should be proof enough. It was from a couple years ago. I couldn’t find a recent photo to use. The Min Pin’s are especially attached to her.

Willie thinks my sister is a big brown Min Pin

Willie thinks my sister is a big brown Min Pin

In case you were wondering,  she woke up from a nap to find Willie still asleep, hugging her neck and smiling.

A Min Pin Thing and Halle’s New Haircut

Pictures say it all sometimes.

Just wanted to share two sets of photos today:

    1) I know a lot of dogs do this, but here is a photo of Bumper, my parents’ black Min Pin, on my sister’s lap in Ann Arbor, and right below it, a photo of Willie, my chocolate Min Pin on my husband’s lap yesterday in Colorado.

    Bumper the Black and Rust Min Pin in Michigan

    Bumper the Black & Rust Min Pin in Michigan

    Willie the chocolate Min Pin in Colorado

    Willie the chocolate Min Pin in Colorado

    2) My latest grooming creation as performed on Halle. I used Bumble & Bumble’s “Sumotech”  hair wax to get the bangs to stand up. Voila!

    My grooming hobby personified

    My grooming hobby personified

    I’m going to indulge myself in putting up another photo of my handiwork. I truly enjoy cutting my dogs’ hair, but it is a time hog because I do it for leisure and have absolutely no sense of urgency ;-)

    Halle stays perfectly still for grooming

    Halle stays perfectly still for grooming

    That’s a gooood giiirrrrlll.